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United Planners Record Breaking Growth and Stability

SCOTTSDALE, AZ / FEB 20, 2019 / PRNewswire: Mike Baker, President of United Planners Financial Services, announced 2018 was their best revenue generating year in the company’s 31 year history with a 20% increase over 2017. United Planners has experienced record setting revenues for the last 4 years. The culture, stability and strength of United Planners provides a solid foundation for true independent financial advisors.

When asked about the drivers of this healthy growth, Baker said, “This steady growth has been a nice trend for us. Our strategy, company structure and passion for supporting fiercely independent financial advisors are core to our mission.”

United Planners’ unique characteristic is that it is structured as a Limited Partnership with 55% of the firm owned by their affiliated financial advisors who qualify to be Limited Partners. These financial advisors are gifted their Limited Partnership Unit and begin to share in the annual profitability of the firm beginning day one of their affiliation. The remaining 45% is owned by the General Partner consisting of Mike Baker, President, Dave Shindel, CEO and Tom Oliver, retired President/CEO. There is no private equity or outside ownership and they are vocal about being “Adamantly Not For Sale!”

Aside from all the bells & whistles Independent Broker-Dealers/Register Investment Advisors say they have, which are occasionally commoditized in our industry due to ambiguous marketing tactics, Baker says, “We can say with confidence this firm is truly advisor-owned. Our Limited Partner financial advisors have voting rights, they receive 55% of the firm’s profits each year and receive tax benefits from being Limited Partners of the firm. In this day and age of the continuous Independent BD/RIA consolidations, it is virtually impossible for United Planners to be sold from under our financial advisors since they own a majority of the firm. Our Limited Partner financial advisors would have to agree via a majority vote to any such sale of the firm, which is highly unlikely.” This company structure preserves their culture and is attractive to financial advisors that desire to maintain a consistent and stable experience.

United Planners was established in 1987 and has maintained the same company structure since opening day. The firm was intentionally designed to guard against hostile takeovers that are common in today’s marketplace. Dave Shindel, CEO, who has been with the firm since inception says, “Independent financial advisors have enough to worry about in our complicated industry – from the convoluted and ever-changing regulatory landscape, to managing client expectations in a highly competitive marketplace, to being business owners while meeting personal and professional goals and the list goes on.” Shindel continues to say, “Financial advisors should not have to worry about their BD/RIA foundation being sold out from beneath them, which is a huge disruption to their business and reputation that impacts service to the clients. At United Planners, we are true business partners with our financial advisors and consolidation is not a concern for them so they can stay focused on their clients.”

Media Contact: Billy Oliverio, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer

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